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What is Bwrlwm Arfor?

Welcome to Bwrlwm Arfor! A collection of stories, workshops and case studies celebrating the economic growth and strength of the Welsh language in Carmarthenshire, Gwynedd, Ceredigion, and Anglesey.

Bwrlwm Arfor is part of the ARFOR programme, funded by the Welsh Government. The purpose of the programme is to support the creation of more and better paid jobs in the areas with a high proportion of Welsh speakers to encourage resilience and growth of the Welsh Language.

ARFOR is an innovation fund and the aim is to learn lessons for the future. The Councils have created several projects which meet the objectives of ARFOR through:

  • promoting enterprise and supporting business growth in areas with a high proportion of Welsh speakers
  • securing more jobs and better paid jobs to retain local people in these areas and encourage those who have left to return
  • promoting the value of speaking Welsh and bilingualism in businesses, thus creating a vibrant sense of place
  • encouraging businesses and people who move to rural areas to value and use the Welsh language.

More information on each local authority can be found here:





The program will run until March 2021. For more information contact:  gwybodaeth@rhaglenarfor.cymru