Project start up: Costing and pricing; what am I worth?

Free webinar as part of Project Start Up

One of the biggest struggles that most new business owners face is knowing what to charge for their products and services but also for their time.  An easy trap to fall into is pricing too high or too low, another is failing to take other hidden costs into consideration.  Big Ideas Wales can help you understand the different pricing strategies open to you as well as showing you that margins, forecasts and knowing your value is easier than you think.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Know how to effectively cost for your product or service
  • Understand how to forecast future sales and plan for profit
  • Be on the path to managing your money and your time
  • Be awarded a certificate for completion of this module for your Big Ideas Wales portfolio

This webinar is part of Project Start Up. Project Start-up is a series of free online workshops, advice and mentoring support from Big Ideas Wales business advisers and Role Models to guide you on your unique business journey. Find out more about Project Start Up and the other webinars on offer here. You can attend one webinar or all twelve in the series, it’s up to you!

25 July, 10.30 – 11.30am online. Book now.