Getting to know the owner of Maggie’s Exotic Foods

“Learning even a little bit of Welsh helps endear you to the community”

Margaret Ogunbanwo is the owner of Maggie’s Exotic Foods – a company based in Penygroes, Caernarfon selling sauces, spices and gifts inspired by African foods.

Maggie set up the business to “bring a taste of Africa to Wales” and says she would never have imagined starting a business anywhere other than Penygroes.

“I live in the area and decided to start the company in the community where I live. My favourite thing about having a business in the area is the local support. ”

The business also offers a great deal to the area, and they are proud to offer diversity and inspiration to the younger generation. Maggie’s Exotic Foods creates work in the area and helps the local economy by buying and selling locally.

The Welsh language is vital to the vision of the company and has always been:

“It’s important because it helps me understand my community better. I’ve learned Welsh and use it as often as I can. I also want Welsh writing lessons. We speak to customers in Welsh and all company signage is bilingual when attending events.”

Flexibility is Maggie’s favourite thing about running her own company. Within her local area she loves the tranquillity and enjoys “walking in the open spaces”.

When advising people thinking of starting a business she says that “there is a lot of help and support so take the step and ask for the help, for example Gwynedd Business Network”

What’s Maggie’s top tip for someone starting their own company? “Learning even a little bit of Welsh helps endear you to the community”.